New CNN Series To Focus On ‘Challenges Facing The Media’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN is kicking off a new series to discuss “challenges facing the media,” and Brian Stelter is leading the way.

The series, called “Free Press, What’s At Stake,” is meant to focus “on the challenges facing the media, under attack from critics, governments and changing technology.”

It was kicked off by CNN’s Brian Stelter, who penned a column published Sunday titled, “Whose freedom is it?

Stelter wrote, “Press freedom is YOUR freedom. That’s the way I recommend thinking about ‘freedom of the press,'” adding, “it’s about MORE than just journalists. Turn it around. Recognize how protections for the press benefit each and every one of us, whether we’re reporting the news or reading about it.”

“When journalists uncover corporate wrongdoing and expose political cover-ups, we all benefit. When lawyers at a newspaper or a TV network gain access to government documents through the Freedom of Information Act, we all benefit,” he wrote.

However, the CNN host also warned about enabling “falsehoods.” (RELATED: CNN Spreads Two Fake Narratives During Trump Visit In Japan)

“Of course, our cherished First Amendment protections also enable falsehoods, hoaxes and other forms of misinformation to spread across the country and all around the world,” he added.
He also used the column to talk about fake news stories, like a viral story that falsely claimed the Pope endorsed Donald Trump for president. The numerous examples of CNN’s inaccurate reporting were not mentioned. (RELATED: Here Are Five Fake Stories CNN Pushed)
Finally, he insisted to readers that freedom of the press “means resisting government attempts to devalue and delegitimize journalism. Why? Because, simply put, press freedom is your freedom.”