Paul Finebaum Awkwardly Dances Wearing The U’s Turnover Chain

David Hookstead | Reporter

ESPN commentator and SEC fanboy Paul Finebaum danced around in a replica of the University of Miami’s turnover chain, and it’s extremely awkward.

Finebaum threw on the chain, and did something that I suppose resembles dancing. On behalf of football fans everywhere, I’d like to apologize for Finebaum’s actions because this is about as embarrassing as it gets.

Paul should stick to spewing SEC propaganda, trying to convince people the SEC’s not a dead conference and leave the turnover chain and dancing to the Hurricanes.

Who thought this was going to be a good idea? Whoever it was deserves to be fired. There’s literally no excuse for Finebaum to ever be dancing on an ESPN set, wearing a turnover chain or doing just about anything else that is cool. Like I said, he needs to stick to the SEC and literally touch nothing else.

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