Jarvis Landry’s Alleged Domestic Violence Video Released

(Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

Matt Candler Contributor
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The video from Miami Dolphin’s receiver Jarvis Landry alleged domestic violence incident was released Thursday.

The Florida state attorney has already wrapped up the domestic violence investigation of Landry, deciding to not file charges regarding the allegations.

But, newly surfaced video obtained by TMZ Sports shows that Landry does aggressively push his girlfriend during an argument on April 1st.

A surveillance camera outside of the couple’s apartment complex captured Jarvis Landry shoving his girlfriend into the front seat of his silver Lexus, all while their four-month-old daughter was in the back of the vehicle.

Initially, the woman told police Landry had “battered” her. Then her story changed, saying that she “exaggerated” the facts – blaming it on emotional stress from having a baby.

Jarvis Landry has denied the allegations from the start. At first blaming the woman, saying that she had “hit my body”. Now, Landry calls the entire situation “incidental contact.”

Of course, simply being cleared by the police doesn’t guarantee that the NFL won’t make it’s own decision on the situation. Goodell has chosen to punish players cleared by law enforcement.