MSNBC Guest: Republicans Are The Party Of ‘White Supremacists’ And ‘Sexual Assaulters’ [VIDEO]

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A guest on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Sunday stated that the Republican Party was the party of white supremacists and sexual assaulters.


Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin said, “Are [Republicans] standing for child molesters? Are they standing for simply hatred of the mainstream media? Are they standing for hatred of the Democrats? And the answer is–I think so. They’ve been reduced to this tribal survival for survival’s sake, and that if it helps the party, they’re for it. If you become a burden on the party and the tribe, you’re out. We vote you out of the island. And the only thing that matters is putting Republicans in those chairs.”

New York Times contributing writer Anushay Hossian said, “It’s not even a debate or question anymore, they are the party of white supremacists. They have already made that clear, of sexual assaulters. The question today is, is it child molesters as well?”

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