Tank Blows Suicide Bomber Sky High Seconds Before Terrorist Attack

Liam Clancy Reporter
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An Abrams tank crew in Iraq absolutely annihilated a suicide bomber with a shot from the main gun, a video released Monday on LiveLeak shows.

It was an extremely close call.

Skip to 1:15 for the action.


I’m no expert, but it can’t be easy to to keep your cool while a dude strapped with explosives is coming straight at you.

The video continues with the tank backing up toward its allies, who are clearly very proud of their tank crew comrades. I’m just glad American military equipment is being put to good use.

There’s nothing more satisfying than immediate justice, especially when said justice is dished out by the mass of machinery that is an Abrams tank.

In many cases I’d say “death-by-Abrams” is too serious a punishment, but I think we can make an exception for suicide bombers.

I mean, they were going to explode anyway, right?

This unfortunate soul certainly did.