Conyers’ Attorney Hints At ‘Allegations’ Against ‘Many Members’ Of The House And Senate

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The attorney for Democratic Michigan Rep. John Conyers, who is accused of continuously sexually harassing his female staffers, defended Conyers by indicating that there are allegations against “many members” of the House and Senate.

Conyers’ attorney, Arnold E. Reed, released a statement defending the Michigan Democrat and pushing back against the “disturbing allegations.” The bizarre statement was written in all-CAPS and referred to both Reed and Conyers in the third person.

“Reed acknowledged that while these allegations are serious, they are simply allegations,” the statement said. “If people were required to resign over allegations, a lot of people would be out of work in this country including many members of the House, Senate and even the president.”

The statement said that Conyers has “no plans to resign” despite calls for him to do so. (RELATED: Dem Congresswoman: John Conyers Should Resign Over ‘Repulsive’ Sexual Harassment Allegations)

Reed’s hinting at allegations against “many members” of the House and Senate follows news that the Congressional Office Of Compliance (OOC) has quietly been paying out settlements to harassment victims for years.

In the past decade, the OOC has paid out $17 million in taxpayer funds to harassment victims, including victims of sexual harassment.

Conyers admitted to settling a wrongful dismissal complaint with a former staffer for more than $27,000 in taxpayer funding in 2015 after he allegedly fired the staffer because she would not “succumb to [his] sexual advances.” (RELATED: Top Democrat Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accuser With $27K In Taxpayer Money)

Sworn affidavits signed by four of his former staffers describe Conyers as a serial sexual harasser who preyed on young, female staffers and abused taxpayer resources to pursue sexual relationships with women.

Earlier this year, a second female staffer accused Conyers of sexually harassing her on a daily basis. Conyers has denied sexually harassing his staffers.