Howard Dean: Maybe The ‘Alt-Right’ Created A Fake Access Hollywood Tape To Fool People [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Howard Dean appeared on “MSNBC Live With Alex Witt” Sunday and suggested that the “alt-right” has created an edited “Access Hollywood” tape to fool people into thinking it wasn’t Trump.


The former Vermont governor said, “I had a very interesting dialogue with a Trump supporter who is a conspiracy theorist, and he actually played me an altered version of the tape which transposed the meaning of it directly. So my guess is the alt-right has put together a really strange tape which says very strange things. I dare say that’ll make its way around the internet sooner or later.”

He continued, “Trump is clutching at straws here. Look, even the people who voted for him didn’t not believe the tape except for the hard-right nut cases. There are plenty of people who voted for him who just wanted change that were willing to swallow all kinds of awful behavior. Well, the Access Hollywood tape is pretty well on the record, pretty real and I suspect very much that NBC has a pretty good copy of that tape.”

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