Keith Olbermann Announces Retirement From Political Commentary [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Keith Olbermann, the anti-Trump video blogger, announced on Monday that he is retiring from political commentary.

The former MSNBC host made the announcement during the final episode of “The Resistance,” a political show sponsored by GQ that airs on Youtube.

“No illness, no scandal, no firing. Just, I’ve said what I’ve had to say. It was as obvious as I made it seem,” said Olbermann.

In the wind-up to his announcement, Olbermann claimed that it is all but inevitable that Trump will either be removed from office or resign from the White House. He asserted that the Republican be impeached over the Russia investigation or forced by Republicans to leave office.

“I’ve made my point…I’d like to go back and enjoy some of my life again,” said Olbermann, who seemed to take credit for what he predicts will be Trump’s downfall.

Olbermann went on to complain about his time on the show, saying that he has “not enjoyed one minute of it.”

“As, I’m certain, it has also been for you, for me it has been unadulterated pain and revulsion and horror. The process has become nearly 24/7,” said Olbermann, who says he produced the show without pay.

“I am retiring from political commentary in all media venues.”

As a parting shot, Olbermann took a dig at mainstream television news networks and the “dim-witted world of American political TV reporting, which is still trying to get dim-witted Trump supporters to watch their network.”

Olbermann is no stranger to abrupt television exits.

In Jan. 2011, he announced his departure from MSNBC during the final episode of his show, “The Countdown with Keith Olbermann.” A few months later he joined Current TV, the network founded by Al Gore.

That gig lasted just over a year. Olbermann was accused by colleagues of failing to show up to work.

In a statement announcing Olbermann’s departure, Gore said that “the values of respect, openness, collegiality, and loyalty to our viewers…are no longer reflected in our relationship with Keith Olbermann and we have ended it.”

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