Of Course Lane Kiffin Had To Get Involved In The Tennessee Coaching Debacle

(Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Lane Kiffin’s Twitter trolling game is as strong as ever, and now he’s getting involved with the Tennessee coaching disaster.

Tennessee was gunning for Greg Schiano before fans absolutely revolted, which forced the Volunteers to back out of the deal.

Kiffin infamously coached Tennessee for a year, and then cut and run to USC at the end of his only season. Well, he wants people to know he’s very much not interested in the Tennessee job if it opens up for him.

The offensive mastermind and FAU head coach quoted a CBS article about him and Tennessee on Twitter when he tweeted, “As Tennessee again finds itself engulfed in flames, Lane Kiffin waits by his phone. Not waiting at all! Getting this team ready to win its 9th straight against a great north Texas team. Come to the championship here in Boca Dennis at #thefaU @espn.”

Say whatever you want about Lane Kiffin, but he knows exactly what he’s doing with this tweet. He knows people are floating his name as a long shot possibility, and he loves capitalizing on attention. There is no chance he’s actually going back to his former school, but we all know he won’t mind stoking the rumor flames for a little.

The real question is where he’ll be at next year because it mostly certainly be with FAU.

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