Paul Ryan Challenger’s Disastrous Interview With Sarah Silverman [VIDEO]

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Democrat Randy Bryce, who is challenging Speaker Paul Ryan for his Wisconsin congressional seat, had an absurd interview with comedian Sarah Silverman on Thursday night.


Silverman started the interview by touting Bryce as a regular ol’ guy, stating, ” You’re a dad, a union leader, you’re Polish, and you’re Mexican and your sister’s a teacher and your dad ‘s a cop, you’re a cancer survivor and you’re adopted and you’re a veteran.”

“You’re literally everyone in America,” she gushed. “How do we get more good people like you to run?

Silverman didn’t note that Bryce stiffed his and son on child support for nearly two years. Bryce, who featured his 11-year-old son in his campaign ads, didn’t pay off the child support debt until two months after he announced his bid for congress. It also took Bryce 15 years to pay off a $1776 personal loan–with interest, the loan was worth in excess of $4200. Court records show that at one time, Bryce was making at least $76,000 a year.

“I helped Randy when he was making horrible life choices and, in return, he screwed me over,” Rhonda Slechta, who gave Bryce the loan, said. “I was — and still am — a single working mother who works hard to pay my mortgage, send my son to school and always pay my bills.”

Later in the interview, Bryce blasted former president Ronald Reagan for lowering the highest tax bracket rate from 70 percent to 40 percent, calling it “horrible” that wealthy people might get to keep more of their money.

Bryce has spent a decent amount of his campaign time canoodling with celebrity comedians. In addition to his interview with Silverman, he also had interviews for Chelsea Handler and Samantha Bee’s shows.

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