‘SEAL Team’ Powers Through With Incredible Fall Finale – Continues To Be Outstanding

SEAL Team (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube CBS)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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CBS’ hit show “SEAL Team” had its Fall finale Wednesday night, and it didn’t disappoint.

The guys had to rescue a defecting Russian scientist in a downed plane inside China. Naturally, Russia’s Alpha Team was also on the ground. You have to look up Alpha Team if you’ve never heard of them. They’re real and terrifying.

I said several months ago when I heard about this show that it’d be incredible, and the Fall finale only further proved me correct. A SEAL Team squaring off with tier one Russian operators while inside of China is a plot line a 12 year old David Hookstead would have dreamed up while popping soda cans in the field with a rifle. The episode even had a “Wolverine” chant at the end, which pays an obvious homage to the famous movie “Red Dawn.”

It’s nice to see a television show that actually shows our operators as badasses who are highly intelligent and also deadly killers when they need to be. Most network television is extremely liberal, and it does its best to sow in social justice messages these days. “SEAL Team” isn’t about any of that business for the most part. It’s about cracking skulls, killing the bad guys, beating the Russians and getting with hot women. Again, the show’s plot lines resemble something a teenage boy may have written, and that’s a huge compliment coming from me.

We’ve got to wait a while until it returns to the air, but that will give all of you who haven’t watched plenty of time to catch up. There’s literally no excuse at this point to not be watching this awesome show.

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