Tucker Carlson Guest: Giving Illegal Immigrants Jobs ‘Is What Americans Want’

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Attorney Raul Reyes argued Thursday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that Americans want to give illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as minors permanent residency or citizenship.


“The majority of Dreamers are now adults, and yet the majority of them, according to statistics, don’t have high school degrees, even though their adults,” Carlson stated.

“So, why should I as an American thinking about our economy, the new economy, why should I be excited about giving permanent residency or citizenship to a bunch of people that don’t have high school degrees? Why would I want that?” Carlson asked Reyes.

“Those statistics are correct. About 44 percent of Dreamers have a high school diploma, 18 percent who are in college, we have 15 percent who have a college degree and then we have some other who are aged out so we have Dreamers who are at all different levels,” Reyes responded.

“No, but those numbers are way below native numbers of native born Americans. I mean, these are way less educated than your average American. Why is that good for us?” Carlson pressed.

“It’s good for us, number one like I said because it’s what the American people want,” Reyes responded in an unsubstantial answer.

“But most importantly, it’s the law President Obama created through his executive action this deferred action program which is, I understand of course, very controversial to a lot of people,” Reyes continued.

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