‘Appalling’: MSNBC’s Schmidt Says Fox News The Same As ‘Propaganda In Authoritarian Countries’ [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC commentator Steve Schmidt compared Fox News to “propaganda in authoritarian countries” over criticism of FBI agents Friday.


Schmidt, appearing on “Deadline: White House,” said that Fox News was guilty of “breathtaking dishonesty” over its hosts criticizing the FBI and Justice Department.

He added, “That is no longer a news organization. That is what American state media looks like. That is what White House-controlled in-the-service-of-the-president misinformation looks like. That is indistinct from propaganda in authoritarian countries. It is aimed directly at weakening essential institutions and misinforming the American people. It is appalling.” (RELATED: MSNBC Panelist: Trump Shouldn’t Have Called Gold Star Widow At All [VIDEO])

CNN’s Jake Tapper echoed a similar criticism of Fox News Friday, saying that the network, as well as other Trump supporters, were using, “incredibly extremist rhetoric” to criticize the FBI and the Justice Department. (RELATED: CNN’s Jake Tapper: Trump Supporters Using ‘Incredibly Extremist Rhetoric’ On FBI [VIDEO])

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