CNN’s Jake Tapper: Trump Supporters Using ‘Incredibly Extremist Rhetoric’ On FBI [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN’s Jake Tapper said Friday that Trump supporters and Fox News were engaging in “incredibly extremist rhetoric” over the FBI and Justice Department.


Tapper played a few clips of Fox News commentators criticizing the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Tapper then said that when Trump referred to “people who are very angry” about the Russia investigation, he was talking about “those who are true believers in him and/or those who have a career interest in such decidedly pro-Trump biases, they think nothing of this incredibly extremist rhetoric.” (RELATED: CNN’s Jake Tapper Asks Republican: Would You Vote For A ‘Child Molester’?)

He added, “Impugning the credibility of Bob Mueller and Justice Department officials and the entire FBI? A hearty congratulations to all the graduates out there at the FBI academy at Quantico. Good look out there.” (RELATED: Peter Strzok Dismissal ‘Doesn’t Change Anything,’ Jake Tapper Says)

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