CNN’s Jake Tapper Downplays ‘$800, $900’ Extra Per Year [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN host Jake Tapper downplayed on Wednesday the amount of money workers will receive from the tax reform bill.


Tapper said, “I mean, obviously the people who pay more taxes get more tax relief, get bigger tax cuts.” (RELATED: ‘Beautiful’: CNN’s Jake Tapper Compliments Allahu Akbar After Terrorist Attack [VIDEO])

“So there is a question I think of how much are people going to see this in January or February when it starts hitting their paychecks I think obviously people who are wealthier individuals might see an additional $1,000 or $2,000 a week in their paycheck, but if you’re getting $800, $900 for the year, it might not be a huge number in your paycheck. It might be 50 bucks.” (RELATED: CNN’s Jake Tapper: So What That Conyers Is An Icon? [VIDEO])

Media bias in reporting on tax cuts has falsely convinced many Americans that they will be paying more in taxes than before. However, the vast majority of Americans will be paying less in taxes under the recently approved GOP-led tax bill.

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