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‘Chantix Had Negative Side Effects,’ Says Ex-Smoker Who Switched To Vaping

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Karen Musselman, age 57, from Mohrsville, Pennsylvania, was a smoker for many years.

She quit smoking eight years ago using Chantix. She chose to quit as the result of an ultimatum from her dentist, who said he would not perform necessary dental surgery unless she quit. While Chantix got her off cigarettes, it ultimately ran its course of having success. After six years on the drug, the side effects became too much to bear for Karen – especially in the case of her anxiety.

Karen eventually moved on to vaping. Her started to bring home disposable e-cigarettes, which quickly became a lifesaver for her. She enjoyed them, especially ones that were flavored straight menthol with a 12mg nicotine strength. It eventually became clear to her that the side effects of Chantix substantially outweighed any that came of vaping. Plus, she discovered vaping was much less of a drain on her pocketbook. As she had done before with cigarettes, Karen was able to quit Chantix – all thanks to vaping.

Karen says, “If you have tried other methods of quitting cigarettes without success, try vaping.”

She has been cigarette free for close to eight years, and she’s been a dedicated vaper for two years. When Chantix didn’t hold up to its end of the bargain, vaping did. And vaping let her down since.