MSNBC Commentator: Trump Is ‘Particularly Hostile’ To Expression From ‘Women And/Or African-Americans’ [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC commentator Jason Johnson said Sunday that President Trump is “particularly hostile” to expression from “women and/or African-Americans.”


Johnson, appearing on “MSNBC Live,” said that Trump’s “attitude is there is no level of entertainment, whether it’s sports or television or some kinds of news coverage, that he doesn’t feel that he needs to stick his finger into. And it also says that the president has a penchant for being particularly hostile for any form of expression that happens to come from women and/or African-Americans.” (RELATED: MSNBC Panelist On Puerto Rico: Trump Believes ‘Only White People Are True Americans’ [VIDEO])

He added, “So when you have a sport like college football, which is pretty much driven by African-American college unpaid labor, this is exactly the kind of place where Donald Trump tends to feel that he should speak his mind and that he should talk about how grateful people who are in this sport should feel.” (RELATED: MSNBC Panel: GOP Tax Plan Is For ‘Trump’ And ‘His Friends’ [VIDEO])

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