Bill Kristol: It Will Be ‘Amusing’ If Trump Voters Get ‘Betrayed’ On Immigration [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Anti-Trump conservative Bill Kristol said Tuesday on MSNBC that it will be “amusing” if Trump voters get “betrayed” by the president on immigration.


Washington Post writer Eugene Robinson, appearing on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” said, “What I’m seeing from immigration hardliners on Twitter is the line that, ‘the president who we elected to give us a wall and no amnesty, is going to give us amnesty and no wall.’ So that’s sort of the attack on…”

Kristol said, “If you put your faith in demagogues–you’re going to be disappointed.” (RELATED: Bill Kristol: ‘I Was Wrong’ About The GOP Tax Bill)

He added, “He didn’t believe any of it. Trade is the one issue, if you think about it, for 20, 30 years he’s believed on. He’s been a protectionist…”

“From his core, from his core,” host Chuck Todd said.

Kristol continued, “Immigration thing, total demagoguery, and now it would be amusing if the people who put their faith in him get betrayed.” (RELATED: Bill Kristol Unleashes Tweet Storm Apparently Endorsing Oprah For President)

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