CNN Features ‘S***hole’ Chyron After Trump Comments [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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After President Donald Trump reportedly referred to El Salvador, Haiti and several African countries as “shithole countries” Thursday, CNN couldn’t figure out how to report on the explicit comment.

The producers alternated between having the uncensored “shithole” on a chyron and trying to re-frame the story with a chyron that didn’t include the word. Meanwhile, the reporters couldn’t figure out whether they were allowed to say “shithole,” and tossed out a number of variations like “bleep-hole,” “s-hole,” and “crappy.”


CNN eventually cut to Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta to read a statement from the White House, all the while featuring the chyron, “Wash Post: Trump Slurs Immigrants From ‘Shithole Countries.'”

“I noticed, Wolf, you hesitated to use that word,” Acosta said. “I hesitate to use it myself, as an s-hole or shithole is the word the Washington Post is quoting the president as saying.”

Ultimately, outside of the confusion on whether or not to curse on live television, Acosta and the CNN panel decided that the president’s comments are racist.

“It’s just a terrible thing to come out of your mouth…as a journalist,” Acosta declared.

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