Joy Behar: ‘Trump Wouldn’t Have Won’ If MLK Jr. Were Alive

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar thinks that Donald Trump “wouldn’t have won” the election if Martin Luther King Jr. were still alive today.

It happened during a panel discussion on “The View” Monday as the co-hosts wondered aloud what movement the civil rights leader would be involved with. Whoopi Goldberg pointed to the recent cover of The New Yorker which had the image of MLK Jr. kneeling with other NFL players, including former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Seattle Seahawks player Michael Bennett Jr. (RELATED: Joy Behar: Trump ‘Needs To Be Medicated And Hospitalized’)

Sunny Hostin said she thought Dr. King would be part of the Black Lives Matter movement and would be sad to see his dream from the 60s had not been achieved yet.

“I actually think that Trump wouldn’t have won if Martin Luther King were around,” Joy Behar explained. “I really don’t. I think that… first of all he was the most charismatic person of his time. And I think that he would have rallied the troops to vote against Trump. So that’s a real loss.”

“I think he would have been horrified by Charlottesville,” she added. “I think he would have been so upset.”

“Well, yeah,” Goldberg interjected. “Because I am sure he would have thought ‘how the hell did we go backwards?”

“And then when the man in the White House says ‘there are some nice people, some are good people there’ talking about neo-Nazis. That’s something that I think would have gotten a really strong reaction from Dr. King,” Behar responded.