MSNBC Guest Tells Stephanie Ruhle To ‘Chill’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle did not take kindly to a guest telling her to “chill” during an interview.


Ruhle and her guest, historian Niall Ferguson, debated whether or not Americans should be concerned that President Donald Trump seems to be lowering the standard of decency for the presidency.

“We’re talking about common decency and disgraceful, repugnant behavior in the highest office in the land,” Ruhle said. “Should we not be concerned about the impact on our culture and our future and the hate rising in this country?”

Ferguson argued that while Trump’s low approval ratings should give peace of mind to people who oppose his style, Trump is definitely not a threat to democracy.

“Whatever the markets may be saying, opinion polls are telling a pretty clear story, and that’s why I’m not in a state of great panic,” Ferguson said. “I don’t think the United States is descending into tyranny, in fact, the Constitution is doing pretty much what it’s set up to do.”

“The founding fathers did not write into the Constitution that the president had to be a saint…that is not in the Constitution,” he continued.

Ferguson ended his argument by telling Ruhle to “chill.”

“Let’s not freak out here. I agree with you that decency is regularly affronted by Donald Trump’s utterances and behavior, but luckily…our Constitution is set up to contain him and prevent this from becoming a tyranny,” he said. “So chill.”

There was a long pause before Ruhle responded, “no need to tell me to chill.”

“I’m not freaking out but thank you so much for joining me today,” Ruhle said, obviously annoyed. “Condescension not welcome.”

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