‘Den Of Thieves’ Is An Awesome Heist Film

David Hookstead | Reporter

“Den of Thieves” exceeded expectations.

I had some downtime today because there was no football, so I headed over to the local movie theater to catch an afternoon showing. I wasn’t disappointed.

Gerard Butler, Pablo Schreiber and O’Shea Jackson Jr. all brought grade-A performances from start to finish in this film about attempting to knock over the Federal Reserve in Los Angeles.

Schreiber really stood out in this film. I don’t know how anybody can be making an action movie in Hollywood right now and not want that guy in a main role. He absolutely crushes it.

There were a few minor things I didn’t love. I noticed a few small plot holes from time to time, but nothing that ruined the film.

I was willing to overlook any shortcomings because the film as a whole is insane. The audience gets a massive shootout scene right at the start, and we get another awesome one to end the film.

Butler is also more than believable as the rogue cop Big Nick. He was terrifying as a cop with no rules in this movie. He won’t be winning any awards for “Den of Thieves,” but that’s just because the lamestream media won’t give him and Schreiber the credit they deserve for their badass performances.

Overall, I give “Den of Thieves” a very solid 8/10. It’s worth checking out, and it has one hell of a twist for audiences as they leave the theater.

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