One Message On ‘Wind River’ Getting Snubbed Proves Hollywood Is A Joke

(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for TWC)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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I’ve been going on and on about what a joke it is that “Wind River” didn’t get nominated for any Academy Awards.

Well, it went a step further when a reader reached out and sent me the following message after reading one of my articles:

I saw your article on Wind River being snubbed by the Oscars today, and I just want to say thank you. I am an Indigenous Woman and I live next to a reservation that currently has a large number of murdered and missing women. The issue does not get addressed by our local newspapers or stations, we currently had a native girl murdered and her death was listed as “accidental”. The struggle with getting FBI and the public to care about invisible minorities gets harder and harder. When I woke up and saw a film that stood up for my right to be recognized was excluded from the nominations list, I was devastated and angry. When I saw your article, it gave me hope that this movie’s cause will go on. Thank you for standing up for us, and I look forward to reading more of your work.

I hope people read this and understand where I’m coming from, and why “Wind River” getting ignored proves what a joke Hollywood is. The movie was generating massive buzz for the Oscars prior to the Harvey Weinstein revelations.

So, did Hollywood recognize this incredible film about powerful women and rapists who meet swift justice? No, the Oscars just essentially pretended it didn’t exist. What a complete joke. How can anybody involved look in the mirror and take themselves seriously after snubbing “Wind River.”

Hollywood wants us all to believe they’re taking the topic of violence against women seriously, but refused to recognize the most powerful film on the subject in 2017. The brutality of “Wind River” is heartbreaking, powerful and something the idiots running Hollywood shouldn’t have ignored.

Hopefully, those involved with making the film see the outpouring of support, and know that we’re not being fooled. Screwing “Wind River” out of the awards and nominations doesn’t mean we’re forgetting the movie.

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