‘Wind River’ Getting Zero Oscar Nominations Is Indefensible

Wind River (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Movieclips Trailers)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Oscar nominations were released Tuesday morning, and “Wind River” wasn’t on the list.

This is disgraceful, embarrassing and everybody involved in this decision should be dragged in front of a court to explain themselves.

“Wind River” should have had at least six Oscar nominations. They are as follows:

  • Actor in a Leading Role: Jeremy Renner
  • Actress in a Leading Role: Elizabeth Olsen
  • Cinematography: Ben Richardson
  • Original Screenplay: Taylor Sheridan
  • Directing: Taylor Sheridan
  • Best Picture

I’m seething with rage, and I’m struggling to find a reason why this movie, which was outstanding in every single facet, got zero nominations. Is it because Harvey Weinstein was behind the movie? Nothing says promoting great women like snubbing Elizabeth Olsen from the awards because The Weinstein Company produced a film that she was outstanding in. That seems like progress in the wrong direction. Did it not get any nominations because the entire story centers around the brutal rape of a minority woman? Can we not recognize greatness in film anymore if it touches on a dark topic?

I’ve seen pretty much all the films on the nomination list, and nobody put on a better performance than Jeremy Renner did in “Wind River.” Now, he won’t even get a shade of recognition. It’s almost like The Academy is trying to scrub this movie from our memories.

And let’s not even get started on what a screw job this is for director and writer Taylor Sheridan. This was his directing debut, and he hit the equivalent of a grand slam at the bottom of the ninth inning of the World Series. Except nobody gets to talk about that World Series game because the awards shows have completely blacklisted it.

We might just have to start our own award show so that we can cut through the garbage, and reward the movies that actually deserve it. What a pathetic day for The Academy and everybody who participated in this joke of a process.

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