CNN’s Sally Kohn Makes A Series Of Increasingly Smug Faces During Segment

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN’s Sally Kohn couldn’t stop herself from making a a number of smug and increasingly exasperated facial expressions during a segment on Republic rhetoric about the FBI and Robert Mueller Friday.


Conservative CNN pundit Ben Ferguson defended the GOP from the charge that the party was engaging in “conspiracy theories” about text messages referencing a “secret society” within the FBI (the texts were reportedly a joke).

Kohn responded by saying, “I mean, I sent texts to my friends all the time you know comparing my day to Beyoncé’s, but it doesn’t mean I’m Beyoncé.”

“You don’t work at the FBI,” Ferguson said.

“First of all, that’s the first thing,” Kohn continued.

“Really you can’t interpret those texts as out of context, which they were taken, didn’t even mention Trump as a joke, that’s scary and it’s unfortunate for the viewers at home that they haven’t invented Smell-0-vision, because this smells desperate number one. Number two, the larger point here, and I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this, Ben–is the implication is not that Republicans have a problem with someone of the other party or other political persuasion potentially being involved in an investigation, but, rather, what your real problem is anyone being involved in an investigation who doesn’t agree with you.”

Ferguson later continued to talk as Kohn cycled through her facial expressions.


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