James Corden Claps Back At Nikki Haley For Targeting Hillary Clinton Cameo

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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James Corden didn’t appreciate Nikki Haley’s tweet about the Grammys on Sunday night and took a moment during his show on Monday to fire back at the United States ambassador to the United Nations.

There were several political moments during the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, but Haley took particular offense to the skit in which celebrities read excerpts from Michael Wolff’s “Fire And Fury.”

“I have always loved the Grammys but to have artists read the Fire And Fury book killed it,” Haley wrote on Twitter. “Don’t ruin great music with trash. Some of us love music without the politics thrown in it.”

Corden, who hosted the big event, responded to Haley during “The Late Late Show” on Monday and took a shot at the president’s own Twitter habits while he was at it. (RELATED: Nikki Haley Nukes The Grammys After ‘Fire And Fury’ Reading)

“I guess Nikki only liked the other nonpolitical parts of the Grammys. You know, Kendrick Lamar’s performance about police violence, or U2’s performance about immigration in front of the Statue of Liberty. You know, lighthearted, nonpolitical stuff,” he joked. “Well, Nikki Haley, you can tell your boss, some of us love politics without the Twitter meltdowns thrown in.”

Perhaps Corden didn’t think about the fact that those “lighthearted, nonpolitical” moments that he was sarcastically referring to are actual issues that we are facing in the United States. The “Fire And Fury” bit was nothing more than a blatant attack on the president.