Media Fawns Over Joe Kennedy’s SOTU Response [VIDEO]


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN and MSNBC pundits made sure to pat Democrat Joe Kennedy III on the back for his “effective” and “extraordinary” response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.


While many were distracted by whatever glossy substance was around Kennedy’s mouth during the speech, the media was able to look past it and gave him some excessive praise. (RELATED: Serious Question — What In God’s Name Was Going On With Joe Kennedy’s Lips During His SOTU Response?) 

“It was very effective,” CNN political analyst Mark Preston said. “He had his jacket off, he seemed very every-man… Joe Kennedy is the future.”

“Let me just go back to the Kennedy speech, and here’s the difference that I think is important,” CNN’s Van Jones asserted. “Is it about American workers or is it about…what that young Kennedy just said is it’s about both.”

“I thought he did an extraordinary job,” Jones concluded.

Nicole Wallace fawned over the fact that Kennedy said “we” more than he said “I” in his speech — something that Trump did in his address as well. (RELATED: Trump Puts The Focus On ‘We’ Over ‘I’ In First SOTU) 

Wallace said the use of “we” made Kennedy a “real formidable voice.”

“It’s the most effective response we’ve seen from a member of any party in a very long time,” Steve Schmidt agreed. “He’s a rising star in the Democratic party. He’s going to have a big future.”

Meanwhile, Washington Post “conservative” Jennifer Rubin tweeted, “Kennedy’s speech is remarkably good.”

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