Leaked Audio Shows Donald Trump Making Fun Of His Perfect Cognitive Test

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Donald Trump addressed the Republican retreat in West Virginia during a dinner at the Trump hotel in Washington, DC Thursday night.

Trump spoke for nearly an hour in private remarks to the hundreds of donors and state party leaders gathered. In the freewheeling remarks, Trump touched on his election victory and took questions and comments from the audience. The press pool was escorted out after a few minutes of the speech, but The Daily Caller obtained audio of the speech.

Trump opened by retelling the story of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment he took in January during the president’s annual physical. The assessment was given by White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson.

Jackson said in a press conference last month that he has “No reason whatsoever to think the president has any issues whatsoever with his thought processes.”

In his remarks, Trump bragged about his test score, saying “I did the test. 30 for 30.”

“You know that’s risky, if I take it, it doesn’t come out so good, they don’t get rid of it,” Trump said “It’s risky, does that make sense to people?”

Here is how Trump described the test:

This isn’t like your home doctor where they say “how are you Donald?” Military Admirals, Doctor Ronny, great guy. But its risky, because then there are sensitive people who think, like, if I am stumbling along, and you know, let me tell you, those last ten questions are hard!

They don’t show those ten questions! They show the first one where you have to say ‘elephant, lion, giraffe, owl’ … It’s easy! You look at the first questions ‘What is this?’ ‘lion’ What is this ‘elephant’ ‘and what is this’ ‘THAT is a cow.’

They barely showed the first question, they didn’t show the last five, which none of them could get! But anyway, they give you five words. Totally disassociated words right? Like “filibuster” like “Ford” “brown” “nine” and “cable.”

So they give you five words, and then they say ‘Repeat ‘em!’ And then they say ‘ok perfect’ and then they give you three or four more questions and then they say ‘lets go back to those five words, what are they again? And say em in order!’ ‘filibuster, ford, brown, nine, cable.’

Just say it normal. And they go ‘oh, that’s very good!’ and then they go back twenty minutes later and they have you do it again. You know not a lot of people can do that!

The comments come as a response to some claiming Trump is mentally unfit to serve as President under the 25th Amendment. Critics have claimed Trump a mental disorder or early dementia.

Benny Johnson