LGBT Groups Want Gay-Friendly City For Amazon HQ

REUTERS/Anton Vaganov

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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An LGBT campaign is applying the pressure to cities vying to be the location of Amazon’s second headquarters.

The groups, under the banner “No Gay, No Way,” want to ensure that gay-friendly Amazon finds its second home in a gay-friendly city, in a gay-friendly state, according to The Hill.

The groups are using a simple argument: if you want Amazon, with its potential billions in economic impact to locate in your state, then make sure your laws reflect the ideology of the company.

The campaign has been active since Amazon reduced its list of preferred headquarter sites to 20. Conor Gaughan, a Los Angeles-based activist, told The Hill that the competition was an “incredible opportunity.”

“Given [Amazon’s] size, given their import in the current business climate, they have an incredible opportunity to send a signal that states that discriminate, states that don’t protect their citizens aren’t going to get the opportunity,” he told The Hill.

Amazon has consistently supported the LGBT agenda and actively opposed the transgender bathroom bills that seek to keep facilities designated on a male-female basis. It even has an LGBT club for Amazon employees called “Glamazon.”

The cities that the company is assessing for its second headquarters are: Austin, Texas; Dallas; Atlanta; Columbus, Ohio; Miami; Raleigh, N.C.; Indianapolis; and the Washington suburbs.

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