Mad Dog Mattis Puts Congress On Notice Over Funding — ‘America Can Afford Survival’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Secretary of Defense James Mattis spoke to the White House press corps Wednesday to defend funding for American military.

“America can afford survival,” he said.


“America can afford survival. For too long, we have asked our military to carry on stoically with a ‘success at any cost’ attitude. The fact that our volunteer military has performed so well is a credit to their dedication and professionalism.”

“We expect the men and women of our military to be faithful in their service, even when going in harm’s way. We have a duty to remain faithful to them.”

That’s a pretty clear defense.

Mattis spoke even more passionately in defense of the American military Tuesday while speaking to the House Armed Services Committee. (RELATED: James Mattis Puts America’s Enemies On Notice — ‘If You Threaten Us, It Will Be Your Longest and Worst Day’)

“To defend our way of life, our military will embrace change while holding fast to traditional proven attributes that make us the most formidable force on any battlefield. Those who would threaten America’s experiment in democracy must know if you threaten us, it will be your longest and worst day,” Mattis said.

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