School Policy Mandates Kids Say ‘Yes’ To Valentine’s Dance, Consent Tossed Out The Window

Jena Greene Reporter
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A Utah elementary school is under fire this week after enacting a policy that prohibits kids from saying no when asked to a Valentine’s Day dance.

Kanesville Elementary School in Weber County, Utah assured concerned parents that they must have been “misunderstanding” but when the administration was pressed on the issue, they didn’t back down. According to a Kanesville Elementary official, kids aren’t allowed to say to no because it “promotes kindness.”

“Please be respectful, be polite,” the official said. “We want to promote kindness, and so we want you to say yes when someone asks you to dance.”

It seems that girls are most concerned about the kindness policy.

One mom, whose sixth grade-daughter was too scared to say no.

“Psychologically, my daughter keeps coming to me and saying I can’t say ‘no’ to a boy,” she explained.

This has to be the most tone deaf policy we’ve seen in some time. It’s no secret that political correctness has run amok, and one of its most rampant breeding grounds is the US public school system. Just this weekend, parents and teachers were upset about a scene in “Peter Rabbit” that was perceived to be food allergy bullying. Seriously.

You’d think that after the tsunami of #MeToo allegations, a mandated consent policy would be the last thing schools would want to promote. It sounds like something straight out of Sharia law. Not Utah.

Whatever your thoughts are about the #MeToo movement, teaching kids that consent doesn’t matter anymore is a very slippery slope. Don’t most leftists want every voice to be heard equally? Why then, is this school suddenly promoting mandatory consent?

The more we protect children from the realities of the world and suppress certain voices in an effort to fit into some convoluted imagination of political correctness, the less prepared they’ll be for what lies ahead. And we’ll have more messes like these to clean up:

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