Kirstie Alley And The USA Curling Team Are In The Most Bizarre Feud Of 2018

(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Kirstie Alley voiced a very controversial opinion regarding the Team USA curling squad on Monday and ignited what we in the 21st century have come to know as a dumpster fire.

“Im not trying to be mean but…… Curling is boring,” the “It Takes Two” actress wrote.

Yikes. Has Kirstie not learned anything from past online controversies? This is how they start. You suggest a fringe opinion and suddenly armies of Twitter users are coming for your account. They’re spamming you, sending you offensive gifs, emailing Twitter engagement officials trying to get your account suspended, and – worst of all – they’re bringing up your skeletons.

Now listen. Back in 2014, things might have been different. Alley’s comment could have gone unnoticed or – even more astonishing – people might have agreed. But this is not 2014. We’re a full four years past the last Winter Olympics and things have changed. We’re a divided country. We fight bitterly. But I thought we went over this last week. Curling has sewn us together as a union. People love curling now. They’re here for it.

They love the beautiful people.

They love the high stakes.

It’s getting the kids off the sofa.

Needless to say, Kirstie Alley’s comment might be the most controversial thing to happen this week – maybe this decade. Curling was the last nice thing we had! It was going to save the US. It was going to filter our water, clean up our streets, and maybe even solve some international conflicts. And the Tooth Fairy just had to go and ruin it.

But the USA curling team didn’t go down without a fight. That wouldn’t be the Olympic spirit.

John Shuster fired off a rocket propelled tweet that must’ve obliterated her timeline because suddenly every curler was coming for Kristie.

One USA curler went below the belt – referencing that time Alley replaced Diane on “Cheers.”

That hurts.

So Kirstie took her glaring defeat by blaming the times, claiming everyone gets too easily offended these days.

Two things can be true here. People get way too offended in 2018 and curling is an adrenaline filled, edge of your seat, international solution to the world’s problems. It’s that simple.

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