Unsurprisingly, A Rapper Named Tekashi69 Got Into The World’s Most Pitiful Fistfight Today

(SHUTTERSTOCK: By Losev Artyom)

Jena Greene Reporter
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A rapper with hundreds of millions of Spotify downloads named Tekashi69 — sometimes referred to as 6ix9ine — was involved in a skirmish outside of LAX on Wednesday morning.

According to TMZ, 6ix9ine was heading into the airport with his squad when an agitator driving a Cadillac started somehow instigating the 21-year-old rapper. After both sides yelled some choice words across the pickup lot, a member of 6ix9ine’s squad threw the first punch and they were off to the races.

It’s worth noting that 6ix9ine stepped aside just before the fight broke out — but as soon as punches started getting thrown he got right back into it. It’s also worth noting that these are probably the worst punches the world has ever seen.

Rappers might talk a big game but as soon as you get them unarmed — say, near an airport — and they have to depend on their actual hand-to-hand combat skills it’s game over. These guys make Disney princesses look like Batman.

It didn’t stop Tekashi69 from gloating on Instagram once he was safe in the airport. He apparently thinks he won the fight and told people to his followers to look at his chain and “stop playing” with him. The entire video was filmed in a very flattering rosy pink face filter though, so I guess +3 points for vanity.

For a guy who raps lyrics like “Shoot at me I’m shooting back, I’m getting buckets / I ain’t wanna take his life but n*gga, f*ck it,” Tekashi69 didn’t even throw one good punch. I didn’t see one uzi either. What a lame exhibit for someone who talks a massive game. I want a refund.

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