I’m Incredibly Proud That Wisconsin Wasn’t Named In The College Basketball Probe

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The college basketball world is on the verge of imploding after an explosive report alleging payments to specific players, and I’m happy to report that Wisconsin is in absolutely zero trouble.

Every major school that you can think of that has had success over the past decade is implicated in Yahoo Sports’ report. That includes Duke, Michigan State, UNC and Kentucky.

I’ve always said Wisconsin has done things the right way, and I firmly believe that to be a true statement. However, you never know when somebody might get implicated in such a major investigation, especially when they’re targeting the most successful schools in the past few years.

People can trash Wisconsin all they want and complain until they lose their voices. Sure, we don’t get the biggest recruits, but we still find a way to win at everything. We pride ourselves at finding the kids nobody else wants, putting them in a system that values the team over the individual and turning around to beat teams loaded with future NBA players. Nobody respects us, they hate how we win, and this is just further proof that we’ve got the right system.

We don’t need to cheat in order to win. We build our systems from the ground up, get the guys we want, and we pride ourselves on doing it the right way. For the record, I’m not even against college athletes necessarily getting money. My point is that Wisconsin has found a way to win with players nobody else wanted, and we didn’t get caught up in a massive corruption case along the way.

Badgers just grind it out everyday. We play with a chip on shoulder. We don’t forget the fact everybody overlooked us. We embrace it.

So, shoutout to all the schools who had to cheat, and still weren’t as good as us.

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