Joy Behar: Trump ‘Would Have Run In Other Direction’ During School Shooting

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar and co-hosts slammed President Donald Trump on The View Tuesday over his comments that he would have run in to the school during the shooting in Parkland, Florida, “even if he didn’t have a weapon.”


“People in the audience are giggling,” Sunny Hostin shared after they aired a clip of Trump’s comments.

“I think — I think because they were like this,” Whoopi Goldberg shared. “I think everyone’s mouth was hanging open. Seriously? This is what we’re talking about? You would have rushed in there? After tragedy like this, often times people feel they would rise to the occasion. And save the day. But, really, does anyone know how they would react in the situation?”

“Can I show you a tape of — run the eagle tape,” Behar chimed in. “And this is how Donald Trump reacted one time when he was doing a ‘Time’ magazine cover.”

In the clip, then-candidate Trump is sitting next to a giant eagle. As he goes to reach for something on his desk, the bird reaches out like he is going to bite him.

“Okay,” Behar exclaimed. “Enough said. He would have run the other direction.”

The comment was met by huge waves of laughter from the audience and panel.

“Here’s the interesting things,” Goldberg said. “When all of those senators—remember when the shooting was there with the Senators? And he was shooting up the place? You remember the first thing everybody did? Everybody ran for cover. Because That’s the first thing you’re probably going to do. You’re going to run for cover to see if you can figure out where it’s coming from. And then—maybe—if you—he thinks he would run in unarmed.”

“The other thing is on the subject of this whole gun control thing,” Behar responded. “Eugene Robinson, in today’s Washington Post has a good point. They’re talking about arming the teachers. We know that is never going to happen. This is a distraction to keep people off the gun control topic until it all blows over and everybody forgets about it. And watch out for that.”