Maria Bartiromo Questions Trump’s Gun Control Plan And Asks If He’s Ignoring The Constitution

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Maria Bartiromo interviewed White House adviser Kellyanne Conway on Fox Business “Mornings with Maria” Thursday and expressed concern about President Donald Trump ignoring the Constitution to implement gun control.

Bartiromo played a clip of Trump talking about preemptively taking guns away from citizens and omitting due process.

“Obviously, this is a very troubling comment. What did the president mean exactly by that? Is he ignoring the constitution and taking someone’s property before due process?” Bartiromo asked.

“No, not at all, and the president respects the constitution, including the Second Amendment and the five million or so members of the NRA who are law-abiding peaceful gun owners,” Conway replied. “The president is saying that sometimes the processes take too long. He’s talking about a case such as this, which we hope is an extreme case, but we all should agree is a very tragic if not avoidable case.”

Bartiromo asked if Trump planned to clarify his comments, and Conway dodged the question by pivoting to the Manchin-Toomey gun bill.


“The president told me last night that there are elements of Manchin-Toomey there are elements of Cornyn-Murphy that he supports. He likes the idea of fix NICS, the background checks. He likes the idea that was presented five years ago by Senators Manchin and Toomey after the tragedy in Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut,” Conway said.”That never got passed the last administration. At least this president is holding forth for everyone to see, in a listening session. This is what leaders do.”

Bartiromo tried to follow up once more and claimed Trump was “blowing off due process.”

“Doesn’t he have to be careful not to step on due process? This is America, the Constitution. And what he said I almost feel like maybe it was for the cameras,” Bartiromo said. “You’re saying he didn’t mean that. Due Process, blowing off due process.”

“I didn’t say he didn’t mean that. No, no Maria,” Conway shot back. “This is the third time I’m going to say it. This is in response to that shooter in Parkland, and everybody is asking themselves — and many through their grief in having buried their children, unnecessarily and tragically. They are asking how in God’s name does stuff like this an happen.”

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