UCF Evacuates Building After Student Mimics LeBron’s Chalk Toss

Photo: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Brest Reporter
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A University of Central Florida student mimicked LeBron James’ infamous chalk toss while wearing his jersey during a class and the building was evacuated Wednesday.

Unsurprisingly, the substance turned out to just be baby powder.

According to A.J. Perez of USA Today, UCF Police Department chief Richard Beary explained the decision to evacuate: “We think it was some kind of stunt … but unfortunately with the current threat situation the way it is, our fire partners are treating it as a hazmat situation. We are in the process of doing that.”

A witness told Adrienne Cutway of News 6 in Orlando, the man yelled, “I’m taking my talents elsewhere. I’m going to Miami,” while throwing the powder.

The little outburst is a reference to James as well. Back in the summer of 2010, the Ohio native held an hour-long special on ESPN to announce his decision to sign with the Miami Heat.

In the event people did not know what a Miami Heat jersey looked like, the campus police were there for assistance to help people identify the suspect in question.

While it’s important to thank the law enforcement officers who tried to help everyone who might be in danger, this story is a bit bizarre. One might think that if someone pulled this stunt where James used to play, while wearing his jersey, they could figure out his intentions — but hey, better to be safe than sorry.

LeBron James has stopped doing the chalk toss, but for a special occasion like this, maybe he’d bring it out of retirement.