Joy Behar On The Trump Family — ‘They’re All Going To End Up Together In Prison, And Maybe That’s A Good Thing’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Joy Behar of “The View” said Friday that President Trump’s family are all “going to end up together in prison. And maybe that’s a good thing.”


CNN’s Ana Navarro also appeared on “The View” Friday.

Navarro said, “I wonder why they don’t look at themselves in the mirror — Ivanka and Jared — and realize they have become a liability, not an asset.” (RELATED: CNN’s Ana Navarro Compares Trump To Someone With Alzheimer’s Or Dementia [VIDEO])

“Wait a second. Trump is a liability to the country,” Behar responded. “I said to my husband this morning, ‘Why is he still there?’ He said, ‘Because he was elected.'” (RELATED: CNN Commentator Ana Navarro’s Wackiest Moments Of 2017 [VIDEO])

“The View” has been a hotbed of Trump criticism in recent months. Behar said in December, “I’m not so sure I want him to succeed at destroying the environment, playing chicken with Kim Jong-Un. So, I don’t want him to succeed at a lot of things.”

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