Would You Help Cover Up A Crime If It’s Committed By A Family Member?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A massive debate has broken out about whether or not you would help cover up a crime if it was committed by a family member.

I’m a huge fan of embracing debate. It’s what I spend a large portion of my day doing. Well, we haven’t had much bigger debates in the past few months than the one about covering up a crime. Specifically, would you help dispose of a body in the event a family murder wasted somebody.

I think most people would handle some drugs or cover up some minor stuff in the name of a blood relative. There are lots of people that would probably even be willing to serve a minor prison stint if it meant protecting their parents.

I polled a college class back in the day about how many students would do time for their parents, and pretty much everybody said they would. I don’t think that’s too unexpected.

What about if the crime was substantially bigger? What if it was an armed robbery or murder? It seems like it gets much dicier. I can only have my own observations from what I know from Netflix and movies. Here’s how I see the situation. I think plenty of people would help cover up a major felony if they thought there was a great chance they’d get away with it. If there’s a high chance of success, I think most people do it for sure.

However, I think a lot of people would flake if they knew helping a relative probably would probably result in them getting pinched. What do you think? Would you help cover up a crime? Sound off in the comments or on Twitter. Always be ready to embrace debate.

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