Facebook’s ‘Fact Checker’ Smears NRA, Dana Loesch


Derek Hunter Contributor

Snopes, the liberal “fact checking” website, is an official partner with Facebook as the social media site tried to stem the tide of “fake news,” is having a credibility problem lately. After fact checking a parody website in a post claiming CNN purchased an industrial size washing machine to spin the news, the site’s managing editor, Brooke Binkowski, showed her bias by attacking the National Rifle Association and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch on Twitter.

Binkowski, who is the managing editor of Snopes, responded to a new video from NRATV announcing the Dana Loesch TV show with “lol.”

When told her mentions were about to become “a parade of bigot (sic),” she replied with the “crying laughing” emoji.

She said, “Their whining and crying only make me stronger.”

She then attacked Loesch for her “dye job” hair.

According to, “All of the members of our editorial staff, in addition to their individual qualifications and experience, have completed the course in “Fact-Checking: How to Improve Your Skills in Accountability Journalism” offered by Poynter’s NewsU and the American Press Institute.”

Binkowski has had a long career in the mainstream media and was “an award-winning journalist and researcher who has written and produced for CNN, CBS, NPR, the Globe and Mail, AJ+, The Christian Science Monitor, and various other news outlets,” according to her biography on the site.