Another NFL Player Has Been Accused Of Domestic Violence – When Will It End?

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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An arrest warrant was issued late Monday for recently released Oakland Raiders player Aldon Smith on charges of domestic violence.

TMZ reported the following:

Law enforcement sources at the San Francisco Police Department tell us their Special Victims Unit has obtained a warrant for Smith’s arrest on charges stemming from a DV incident he allegedly fled from this weekend. The alleged victim is his fiancee.

Cops tell us the charges listed on the warrant include willful infliction of corporal injury (aka DV), assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, false imprisonment and vandalism — all of which are misdemeanors.

TMZ also reported that Smith checked into rehab after the alleged assault took place.

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Where will it end for the NFL? This is the third incident of alleged abuse of a woman in the NFL offseason that I can think off of the top of my head. Reuben Foster of the San Francisco 49ers and Kareem Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs were both also accused of putting their hands on women during the offseason, which we’re only a few weeks into.

Commissioner Roger Goodell’s inability to control allegations of violence against his players is nothing other than downright shocking. How has he allowed an atmosphere to cultivate that routinely puts out players accused of crimes. Is Goodell personally responsible for the allegations against any of the players in the league? Obviously not. However, the buck ultimately stops with him, and there have been massive issues with violence against women. He doesn’t appear to have done anything to curb the issue. Ultimately, he has to take some responsibility. There’s zero excuse for having three players accused of domestic violence in a matter of weeks.

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