Marshawn Lynch Is Now A Skittles Brand Ambassador In A Senior Living Home [WATCH]

(Photo by Don Feria/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Marshawn Lynch is having quite the year. He came out of retirement to play for his hometown in Oakland, got suspended for fighting a ref, and caused a ruckus on public transportation. And he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Because even though it’s the off season, Beast Mode doesn’t get turned off. Marshawn is now an official advertising partner with Skittles – and he presented a new product at a senior living facility this weekend.

This is one of the better appearances Marshawn has made – perhaps in all of history. I’m not sure how Skittles was able to swing this. The press can barely get Marshawn to say a word to them during media gaggles. But Skittles got him to curb a golf cart and take an aerobic class with a smile on his face. Is this the fully evolved Marshawn Lynch? Perhaps.

The only critique I have – and this is minor – with this situation is the actual product he’s pushing. I mean how disgusting do Sweet Heat Skittles sound? I would legitimately rather eat gum that’s been stuck on the bottom of my shoe for a week than ever have to put Sweet Heat Skittles near my mouth. But that’s just me.

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