Kimberly Guilfoyle Hammers ‘Double Standard’ On Farrakhan: ‘Where Is Their Disavowal?’

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Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle and her “The Five” co-hosts tackled on Wednesday the media’s lack of coverage of several Democrats maintaining ties with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

The conversation started with Juan Williams defending Democratic lawmakers with a firm “no” on whether they should resign for their ties to Farrakhan. (RELATED: Seven House Democrats Have Direct Ties To Notorious Anti-Semite)

“Juan, you can’t call Trump a racist and hang out with Louis Farrakhan,” said co-host Jesse Watters.

“He’s called white people a race of devils. He’s complimented Adolf Hitler, and yet the media coverage only links racism to Republicans. That’s not fair,” said Greg Gutfeld. “The media elevates white racism and does essentially their own public relations for people like David Duke and Richard Spencer, and they do that to smear the right. But what Juan has said when he describes Farrakhan as marginal, that’s the strategy. You say ‘well that’s just marginal,’ because you don’t want your bad eggs on your side of the political fence to smear your party, so you say ‘oh, we don’t take him seriously, he’s just a cult figure, but your guys, David Duke, he’s not a cult figure, or some dude who organized a stupid march – he’s actually got real power.’ Sorry, Farrakhan has been around for what, 50 or 60 years? He’s got real power.”

Then, Guilfoyle put the hammer down on the double standard.

“There is a double standard here,” said Guilfoyle. “So, I guess it’s OK for the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan to say that white people deserve to die to call Jews satanic. No! So you have to be consistent and you must be honest and therefore call out both as inappropriate racist rhetoric that has no place in our society today. So, we cannot sit here and condone this as some kind of appropriate free expression when it is racist hate speech that should be called out.”

“So that’s why they’re saying look, fair is fair,” the Fox News co-host continued. “What you do to one site of the equation you do to the other. So when people like Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison and Gregory Meeks are associating with an individual like this, that is inappropriate. Where are their statements, where is their disavowal?”