Meghan McCain Blows Up The Stormy Daniels Story — By Bringing Up Bill Clinton

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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The View’s Meghan McCain brought up an awkward memory Thursday when she reminded everyone about Bill Clinton’s past.


“It also is just sort of painful to even talk about it,” guest Deborah Roberts said in reference to the ongoing Stormy Daniels story.

“I feel like the ‘ick’ factor. And you say people are starting to care and I wonder though–when my son is having his breakfast in the morning and we’re hearing the president and the porn star–it just makes me feel icky. And I feel like as a journalist too, having to wallow in the mud in this tabloid story is so uncomfortable. But I get it,” she continued.

Meghan McCain responded, “Well not to gross you out, Debra, but as I’ve said on this show, I found out what oral sex was because of Bill Clinton so I don’t think it’s exactly new territory on how tawdry things are.”

McCain also said that she doesn’t think the Trump base will care about Stormy Daniels.

“The $64,000 question is–does his base care? I’m hedging on no until it starts impacting the bottom line of the economy or the second amendment.” (RELATED: ‘So Turned Off’ – Meghan McCain Unloads On Hillary And The Audience Erupts Into Applause)

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