It’s So Much Fun Knowing ESPN’s Relationship With The NFL Is Horrible

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A new report shed light on the NFL’s relationship with ESPN, and it’s a reason to smile.

Sports Business Daily reported the following:

ESPN is dealing with a declining subscriber base and paying higher rights fees. A host of digital competitors are waiting in the wings to get some of its rights. Its launching a direct-to-consumer service later this spring.

But multiple sources pointed to ESPNs fraying relationship with the NFL as the top priority for new ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro. Pitaro considers the NFL relationship a priority and already has met with league executives in his first few days on the job.

The report also details how the two sides are at odds over television deals, which has been known for some time.

You have no idea how happy I am to hear that there is a “fraying” relationship between the two. The NFL entirely leaving ESPN could likely cripple the network beyond repair. For the sake of fairness, I should also be clear that I hate the executives at the NFL. They’ve gone far out of their way to ruin a great sport, and let players run the league by turning it political. And that’s not even getting into “Deflategate” and plenty of other garbage.

However, it’s not even close when it comes to which side most people hate more. The vast majority of sports fans I know would side with the NFL any day of the week over ESPN. The once-great sports network is just now a source of nonstop political nonsense. I have CNN and MSNBC for that garbage if I want it. I’m at ESPN because I want to see some sports. Nobody is there to get somebody’s take on Black Lives Matter or Trump.

Honestly, I hope the NFL ditches ESPN at some point. It would be so funny to watch ESPN crumble after its major crutch is taken away. Goodell might finally earn himself some goodwill among the people. Get it done, Roger!

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