Student Marcher Wants ‘Assault Rifles’ To Be ‘Taken Away From The Average Person’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Students across the country walked out of their schools Wednesday in solidarity with the Parkland, Florida students who are calling for more gun control after their school attacked by a gunman last month.

One of the most prominent marches occurred in Washington, D.C., where hundreds of students marched from the White House to the U.S. Capitol. A CNN reporter asked students gathering in front of the Capitol what they were marching for.

“What do you want to see done here in the halls of Congress to stop violence like this from happening in the future?” the reporter asked a student.

The student said she was understanding of people who want to own a “hand gun” to “protect” themselves but that “the average person should be able to get a weapon of war.”

“I understand if you want to protect yourself, you could get a handgun, but if I wanted to see a change, it’d be that assault rifles and automatic weapons be taken away from the average person,” she continued.

She finished her comments by saying, “At this point in time, it’s way too easy to access one and cause mass destruction.”

In response, the CNN reporter said, “Thank you,” without asking how the confiscation of legally purchased firearms would occur or noting that fully automatic weapons have nearly been entirely outlawed for any civilian since 1986.