Former FBI Agent: Lack Of Candor ‘Number One’ Reason People Get Fired

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A former FBI special agent said on Fox News Friday that “lack of candor” — lying or being dishonest — is the “number one” reason why people get fired from the FBI.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to fire McCabe on Friday night after reviewing an inspector general report about the Clinton investigation. McCabe is accused in that report of lacking candor, specifically about whether or not he authorized sensitive information to be disclosed to a reporter. (RELATED: FBI’s Andrew McCabe Fired Just Two Days Before Official Retirement) 

Bobby Chacon, a retired special agent, told Fox News that a street agent would “absolutely” be fired for lack of candor.

“I am not surprised and I’m kind of heartened by it,” Chacon said of McCabe’s firing. “Look, I was a special agent for 27 years…if I had done the same transgressions as Andrew McCabe had done I would have been fired before now.”

“From day one in Quantico in the FBI Academy, they nail into our heads that lack of candor is the biggest thing that will get you fired,” he said. “Lack of candor is key. It’s almost always worse than whatever you’ve done to hide the lie.”

Chacon said that lack of candor is ultimately the “number one” reason that agents get fired from the FBI and that “morale would have taken a big hit” if McCabe were allowed to retire on Sunday.

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