Katy Perry Has Allegedly Sent A Nun Into Bankruptcy After Bizarre Legal Battle

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Jena Greene Reporter
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A Los Angeles-based nun says she has nothing left after a nearly three year legal battle with famed pop singer Katy Perry.

Sister Rita Callanan is one of the only nuns remaining at the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a convent that Katy Perry bought from the Royal Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles (RCA) in 2015 for $14 million. Most of the nuns left after Perry purchased the convent but Callanan – now 80 years old and stricken with cancer – remained.

According the the Daily Mail, Sister Rita Callanan and 89 year old Sister Catherine Rose Holzman decided they didn’t want to sell the property to Perry, claiming she was a poor fit to take over the sacred grounds. They’re trying to sell it to an LA-based restaurant owner instead. Holzman died last week in the courtroom while testifying against Perry, which leaves Callanan as one of the only remaining nuns in the convent.

But Perry isn’t going down without a fight. She’s locked into a bitter court feud and has singlehandedly sent Sister Callanan into total poverty and worsening health. Callanan says she can’t afford her cancer treatments, groceries, and other essential payments to keep her alive.

Perry already owns a couple of properties in Los Angeles but claims she wants the convent so she can “sip green tea and find herself.”

There’s something so hateable about Katy Perry. Between that atrocious bowl cut, her newfound in-your-face liberalism, and torturous pop ballads, she’s an abomination to this country. And now this.

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You’ve gotta be a real scumbag if you’re willing to sue a couple of sick and elderly nuns and send them into total bankruptcy. I get that Katy Perry doesn’t have much a moral compass but this doesn’t seem like the most morally ambiguous situation. I bet someone like Bill Cosby would show more decency toward these poor sisters. There have got to be other convents for Perry to sip green tea at. At the very least, she should let Sister Rita Callanan live out the rest of her days on the property and maybe even offer to pay for her medical bills. After Katy Perry’s treacherous last year, it actually might help to boost her career.

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