National Embarrassment Tweeted The F Word At Sister Jean To Teach Society A Lesson

Jena Greene | Reporter

A Tennessee radio host named Cody McClure got a little too caught up in his brackets this weekend and thought it would be a good idea to air his frustrations on Twitter.

Pro tip: it never is. Especially when you’re firing those frustrations off at a 98-year-old nun.

In a since deleted tweet, McClure tweeted out “F*ck Sister Jean everyone,” after Tennessee suffered a crushing upset against 11th seeded Loyola Chicago. For the unaware, Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt is the acting chaplain for Loyola University and has been traveling with the men’s basketball team in their quest for the 2018 championship.

Many people wanted to know why exactly someone would feel compelled to swear at a nun, so Chicago Tribune reporter David Haug went straight to the source and asked him.

“My comments about Sister Jean were meant simply as a joke, nothing more, nothing less,” McClure told him. “It was not an emotional response over a basketball game, nor was it meant to be a slight toward Catholicism or the elderly in general. The joke value came because of the fact we were dealing with a 98-year-old nun who is deservingly beloved by people for her outstanding service. Anything said that would oppose that would create a little shock value, right? It was meant to be comedic — cheap, maybe — but comedic. A lot of people got a kick out of it, and a lot of people were offended by it.”

McClure added, “I would like to make it clear I want to issue an apology but stand by the freedom of speech and the freedom of comedy. It seems like we’ve become very soft as a society. I know it was offensive, inappropriate and vulgar, but it was only language. I apologize to those who took it a way I didn’t mean for it to be taken.”

Hilarious. What an insane response. This guy thinks it’s society’s problem that we find it offensive to swear at a nun. He thinks it’s “soft” to consider this a vulgar thing to do. What an absolute moron.

And the fact that this guy is trying to convince us that this wasn’t an “emotional response” is probably the richest part of his argument. What else was it, then? A logical response? This guy is delusional and should be taken off the air. Not to mention, he hasn’t even issued an apology to Sister Jean. He’s said he would apologize to her but he just hopes it doesn’t get back to her. What an animal. I’d like to see a public beatdown between him and Sister Jean. A physical one. I’ve got my odds on Sister Jean. She’s lived 98 years and played basketball back when she was in school.

This guy sits behind a microphone all day and likely has a diet of nothing but off-brand candy bars and Funyuns. Guy makes Mama June look like a super model. He’s probably never run a mile in his life. He was probably that kid that forged a doctor’s note to get out of the pull-up test in gym class. And now he swears at nuns.

Don’t skip the pull-up test, people.

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