Conor Lamb Is The Liberal Media’s Dream Realized

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Guy Short Six-time Republican National Convention delegate and GOP strategist
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Liberals are still celebrating Conor Lamb’s narrow victory in the PA-18 special election. In recent days, Salon contributor Sophia Tesfaye predicted “candidates like him could turn the blue wave into a tsunami,” while Democratic fundraiser Kurt Schrader praised Lamb’s winning “Blue Dog message.”

But the leading cheerleader has been CNN — the self-proclaimed “Most Trusted Name in News.” Try “Democrat news.” Following Lamb’s win, CNN can’t contain its excitement, churning out anti-Trump headline after anti-Trump headline. One op-ed argues “Trump can’t spin his Pennsylvania humiliation, while another claims “Republicans are gonna need a bigger yacht” when the blue wave crashes.

CNN’s “news” stories are hardly more objective. One headline highlights “Trump’s losing streak,” while another claims the “GOP is in trouble.” The “analysis” itself is as impartial as you’d expect. White House reporter Stephen Collinson mocks President Donald Trump for “racking up quite the losing streak,” concluding the president “will be more of a liability than an asset for Republicans come midterm elections.” Editor-at-large — and leading anti-Trumper — Chris Cillizza cheered not only Lamb’s “massively important” victory, but also the Democratic fundraising windfall to come. Cillizza giddily predicts the PA-18 election will “convince every major Democratic donor who has been sitting on the sidelines that now is the time to get involved.”

At this point, CNN should just own its liberal slant and register as a Democratic super PAC. Like The New York Times, which openly lobbied against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last year, the supposedly “Most Trusted Name in News” is effectively an arm of the Democratic National Committee. On a daily basis, the cable news network leverages its millions of viewers and online readers to undermine the Trump agenda and create an echo chamber for liberal outrage.

CNN’s coverage of the gun debate is a case study in media bias. More than a month since the Parkland tragedy, the network continues to promote anti-gun policies and idealize the liberal students marching for gun control. One CNN story devoted to “the movement against gun violence” essentially republished line after line of anti-gun student statements. The first sentence says it all. “A generation of students raised in the shadow of gun violence is sending a loud and united message to lawmakers: Enough is enough.”

CNN even hired so-called media critic Brian Stelter away from The New York Times to attack other news outlets and distract from CNN’s activist journalism. Stelter spends much of his efforts interviewing fellow CNNers and liberal activists — pretending it’s news — to spin the anti-Trump echo chamber into a frenzy on a daily basis.

But the winner of the “Most Biased Headline” award goes to AJ Willingham’s story, titled “Parkland survivors ask parents to sign a pledge: Put child safety over guns with your vote.”

Ask yourself: Does CNN devote as much coverage to the March for Life, a massive pro-life movement which draws hundreds of thousands of pro-life activists to Washington, D.C. every year to lobby for unborn children?

Where is the CNN feature story on pro-life students saying “enough is enough”? Or the feature story on American families negatively impacted by illegal immigration? Or the feature story on low-income Americans benefitting from federal tax cuts?

Don’t hold your breath. CNN’s mission is not to objectively report the news, but rather to spin the news cycle against President Trump and elect a Democratic majority to impeach the president. Objectivity comes second to advocacy.

President Trump said it best. CNN and the rest of the liberal media: “You are fake news!”

Guy Short (@shortguy1) is a former congressional chief of staff, six-time Republican National Convention delegate, and Republican strategist with over 25 years of experience in politics.

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